Presto Automation Inc. (“Presto” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: PRST), one of the largest AI and automation technology providers to the restaurant industry, today announced the launch of Presto Voice with Pure AI, a transformative feature that delivers enhanced Voice AI order taking for restaurants.

Presto Voice with Pure AI introduces a compelling new version of Voice AI technology for restaurant operators that streamlines their operations and enhances the customer experience. The new technology is autonomous, without humans-in-the-loop (HITL) who could intervene early in the order process before the AI has a chance to complete the order. The Pure AI feature enables a smooth transition to the restaurant team member only when the AI determines that it is unable to process an order. Presto believes that the new Pure AI feature will allow the Voice AI system to improve more quickly while still providing the efficiency and level of accuracy its Voice AI is known for.

"Presto Voice Pure AI represents a major leap forward in restaurant automation technology, providing operators with a Voice AI-powered solution to deliver an efficient drive-thru ordering experience to their guests," said Gee Lefevre, Interim CEO at Presto.

Presto believes its Pure AI feature offers several key benefits for both operators and consumers:

  • Decreased Delays and Improved Speed of Service: Fewer steps in the order-handling process will lead to fewer delays, resulting in a faster and more seamless ordering experience.
  • Reduced Guest Frustration: With a direct escalation path to restaurant staff, customers are expected to experience fewer issues when the AI is unable to fulfill an order.
  • Decreased Need for Staff Intervention: Presto Voice with Pure AI reduces the need for store staff to intervene at the outset of an order, allowing them to focus on other tasks.
  • Accelerated AI Training: By enabling more complete AI sessions, Presto Voice with Pure AI is expected to improve at a faster pace, leading to a more consistent ordering experience for both store staff and customers.

Presto is in the process of conducting a live test of Presto Voice with Pure AI, and once successful, Presto plans to expand the new Voice AI technology at a shorter ramp-up period, with a number of customer locations that have already agreed.

About Presto AutomationPresto (Nasdaq: PRST) provides enterprise-grade AI and automation solutions to the restaurant industry. Presto’s solutions are designed to decrease labor costs, improve staff productivity, increase revenue, and enhance the guest experience. Presto offers its AI solution, Presto Voice™, to quick-service restaurants (QSR) and has some of the most recognized restaurant names in the United States.

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