Sunrise New Energy Co., Ltd. (“Sunrise”, the “Company”, “we” or “our”) (NASDAQ: EPOW), today announced that the front page of Guizhou Daily prominently featured a special report on Sunrise, titled " Intellectual Property Drives Substantial Enterprise Value – The Journey of a New Energy Enterprise." Guizhou Daily, the most influential comprehensive media outlet in the province, highlighted Sunrise's advanced research and substantial economic value.

The article highlighted Sunrise's remarkable achievements as a technology-driven enterprise specializing in the research, production, and sales of lithium-ion battery anode materials. With a research team of over 60 members across 8 laboratories, Sunrise continuously tackles cutting-edge industry demands, successfully developing various new types of anode materials such as artificial graphite, natural graphite, composite graphite, soft carbon, hard carbon, and silicon carbon.

"We form elite teams led by experts to tackle technological challenges, from small-scale trials to mass production, not only meeting customers' new demands and breaking industry performance records but also securing core innovative achievements," stated Mr. Wenliang Hu, Executive Vice President of the Company, "Currently, the economic value of our patents has exceeded $14 million, as evaluated through intangible asset assessments. Just for one client, in this month, our supply of lithium-ion anode materials reached 1800 tons."

Designated as Guizhou Province's Major Engineering and Key Project No. 668, Sunrise has risen to become one of China's top fifteen suppliers of anode materials. The company pledges to uphold technological innovation, continuously developing core patents with significant market potential and strong social benefits, ensuring a constant stream of 'new knowledge' from its battery and materials research and production base.

About Sunrise New Energy Co., Ltd

Headquartered in Zibo, Shandong Province, China, Sunrise New Energy Co., Ltd., through its joint venture, is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of graphite anode material for lithium-ion batteries. The Company's joint venture has completed the construction of a manufacturing facility with a production capacity of 50,000 tons in Guizhou Province, China. The plant runs on inexpensive electricity from renewable sources, which helps to make Sunrise New Energy a low-cost and low–environmental-impact producer of graphite anode material. Mr. Haiping Hu, the founder and CEO of the Company, is a major pioneer for the graphite anode industry in China starting from 1999. The Company’s management team is also composed of experts with years of experiences and strong track-records of success in the graphite anode industry. In addition, the Company also operates a knowledge sharing platform in China. For further information, please visit the Company’s website at The Company maintains a Twitter account (@sunrisenewener1) to keep investors up to date on the latest development of the Company.

Forward-looking statement

Certain statements in this press release regarding the Company's future expectations, plans and prospects constitute forward-looking statements as defined by Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements include statements about plans, goals, objectives, strategies, future events, expected results, assumptions and any other factual statements that have not occurred. Any words that refer to "may", "will", "want", "should", "believe", "expect", "expect", "estimate", "estimate" or similar non-factual words, shall be regarded as forward-looking statements. Due to various factors, the actual results may differ materially from the historical results or the contents expressed in these forward-looking statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, the company's strategic objectives, the company's future plans, market demand and user acceptance of the company's products or services, technological updates, economic trends, the company's reputation and brand, the impact of industry competition and bidding, relevant policies and regulations, the ups and downs of China's macroeconomic conditions, the relevant international market conditions, and other related risks and assumptions disclosed in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 20-F published on the SEC’s website. In view of the above and other related reasons, we urge investors to visit the SEC’s website and consider other factors that may affect the Company's future operating results. The Company is under no obligation to make public amendments to changes in these forward-looking statements unless required by law.

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