UKX FTSE 100 Index

-53.03 (-0.69%)
22 9월(9) 2023 - 마감
15분 지연

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FTSE 100 Index UKX FTSE 지수 Index
  가격 변동 가격 변동 % 지수 가격 최근 거래 시간
-53.03 -0.69% 7,678.62 00:35:30
개장가 저가 고가 종가 전일 종가
7,731.65 7,674.70 7,746.53 7,678.62 7,731.65
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일자 시간 출처 제목
22/09/202302:09DJNNordic Shares Dropped Thursday; Hexatronic Group Posted..
22/09/202302:05DJNThe FTSE 100 Closed Down Despite the Bank of England Leaving..
22/09/202301:57DJNFTSE 100 Index Ends 0.69% Lower at 7678.62 -- Data Talk
21/09/202319:34DJNNorth American Morning Briefing: The Post-Fed Selloff..
21/09/202317:03DJNUS Futures, European Stocks Down as Markets Await BOE..
21/09/202302:05DJNThe FTSE 100 Closes Up on Eased Oil Prices, Anticipation..
21/09/202302:03DJNNordic Stocks Rose Wednesday; Volvo Car Series B Led..
21/09/202301:53DJNFTSE 100 Index Ends 0.93% Higher at 7731.65 -- Data Talk
20/09/202319:31DJNNorth American Morning Briefing: Fed Seen Holding Rates,..
20/09/202318:53DJNEuropean Midday Briefing:
20/09/202318:12DJNCorrection to UK Inflation Articles
20/09/202317:03DJNUS Futures Flat, European Stocks Mixed as Central Bank..
20/09/202313:30DJNEMEA Morning Briefing: Shares Set to Open Mixed as Central..
20/09/202302:02DJNNordic Shares Decreased Tuesday; Beijer Ref Series B Posted..
20/09/202302:00DJNFTSE 100 Index Ends 0.09% Higher at 7660.20 -- Data Talk
20/09/202301:59DJNThe FTSE 100 Closed Up Despite Rising Oil Prices, Higher..
19/09/202317:04DJNUS Futures Flat, European Stocks Mixed Ahead of Central Bank..
19/09/202302:06DJNNordic Stocks Dropped Monday; Nordic Semiconductor Fell..
19/09/202301:51DJNFTSE 100 Index Ends 0.76% Lower at 7652.94 -- Data Talk
19/09/202301:50DJNThe FTSE 100 Closed Down as the Prospect of Rates Staying..
18/09/202320:46DJNFTSE 100 Falls Ahead of Fed, BOE Rate Decisions
18/09/202319:31DJNNorth American Morning Briefing: Cautious Start to Week With..
18/09/202319:05DJNEuropean Midday Briefing: Cautious Start to Week Packed with..
18/09/202317:06DJNUS Futures Rise, European Stocks Drop
16/09/202302:27DJNFTSE 100 Closes Up Boosted by China Data and ECB Hints That..
16/09/202302:06DJNNordic Stocks Declined Friday; H&M Hennes & Mauritz B Took..
16/09/202301:56DJNFTSE 100 Index Ends the Week 3.12% Higher at 7711.38 -- Data..
15/09/202323:20DJNTata Steel Gets UK Grant for Port Talbot Decarbonization, Up..
15/09/202322:10DJNArm Joins Ranks of European Companies Choosing US as Listing..
15/09/202317:05DJNUS Futures, European Stocks Up After ECB Rate Rise, China..
15/09/202302:03DJNNordic Shares Moved Upward Thursday; Truecaller Series B..
15/09/202302:01DJNFTSE 100 Index Ends 1.95% Higher at 7673.08 -- Data Talk
15/09/202301:19DJNFTSE 100 Closes Thursday Up at Highest Levels Since Mid-July
14/09/202323:20DJNUK Housing Market's August Decline Suggests More Fallout..
14/09/202319:09DJNEuropean Midday Briefing: Caution Dominates with ECB..
14/09/202317:04DJNUS Futures Up, European Stocks Mixed as Markets Await ECB..
14/09/202302:03DJNNordic Stocks Declined Wednesday; NCAB Group Took Biggest..
14/09/202301:49DJNFTSE 100 Index Ends Flat at 7525.99 -- Data Talk
14/09/202301:21DJNFTSE 100 Stays Broadly Flat as US Rises and Europe Slips
13/09/202319:29DJNNorth American Morning Briefing: Stock Futures Slip Ahead of..
13/09/202318:49DJNEuropean Midday Briefing: Rate Concerns Weigh as US..
13/09/202317:02DJNUS Futures Flat, European Stocks Slip Ahead of US Inflation..
13/09/202316:31DJNLondon Stocks Seen Opening Lower as Traders Await US..
13/09/202313:31DJNEMEA Morning Briefing: Shares Off to a Shaky Start as U.S...
13/09/202302:09DJNNordic Stocks Decreased Tuesday; HMS Networks Took Biggest..
13/09/202301:53DJNFTSE 100 Index Ends 0.41% Higher at 7527.53 -- Data Talk
13/09/202301:35DJNFTSE 100 Closes Tuesday Up 0.41% as Oil-Price Rises Benefit..
12/09/202320:02DJNFTSE 100 Rises, Led by AB Foods; Smurfit Kappa Slides
12/09/202319:27DJNEuropean Midday Briefing: European Stocks, U.S. Futures..
12/09/202319:18DJNNorth American Morning Briefing: Stock Futures Dip Ahead of..
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